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Ethereum Smart Contract How to execute a Smart Contract?


It is not a pyramid : Gain without inviting

It is not an investment : No need to wait


It is not trading : No risk, No need to study

This is not a sale : No recurring purchases


Absolutely no risk

Open source smart contract uploaded to the Ethereum Blockchain. One of the most secure and popular cryptocurrencies in the market.

The system cannot be hacked

It is not possible to change the algorithm or delete the participants' rooms. The system is able to work without a site. The site is needed only for the display of statistics and progress.

Non Hierarchically Organized

A crowdfunded decentralized matrix project specifically designed to stimulate a global relocation to the crypto ecosystem by offering newcomers a seamless introductory experience.

Smart Contracts are easy and simple

It is easy to understand even for those who have not encountered such projects.

Transactional Surety

Ethereum network nodes irrevocably record and store the transactional history of all Neun network participants on the Blockchain.

Instant payouts, cheating excluded

The smart contract does not control the money. All transactions are 100% from person to person. Anonymous in every way.

Inclusive entry

Entrance cost - 0.00010000 ETH

Indefinite term

Smart contract will exist as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists, and even the creators of a smart contract will not be able to delete or change its terms.

Easy Start

-Smart user experience
-the printing
-Tutorial videos
-Unique promotional tools
-100% Automated
-Winning Guarantee

one Absence of Risk: No Human Factor

Ethereum: Highest Profitable

Smart Contract: Nothing Can Stop It

Social Marketing: Participants Overflow






0.15660000 ETH


10.1062 ETH


All data is is stored on the blockchain and publicly accessible at
Contract: 0xc6048730bcd41ede24521a5895d950781d41d948

  • Automatic downline participants commissions instantly paid to your ETH wallet.

  • Upon completing your ship, the contract generates a new ship that will allow you to have slots for new participants.

  • Automatic downline participants commissions instantly paid to your ETH wallet.

During register Colus automatically will create both galaxies (III and VI) for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many suitable wallets. The most important thing is not to use exchange wallets! We recommend using 2 type of wallets, these are: Metamask - if you are working from a personal computer. (Download from the official website: TrustWallet - If you are using a smartphone. (Download for iPhone or Android)

Overflow is a process that occurs when a participant registers in upline or downline, in which the first level is filled with participants. The next new member falls into the structure of this upline below or downline above, in the nearest free place.

There are many exchangers. Reliable and proven exchangers can be found on the website bestchange. Ru. If this is your first time making an exchange, follow these instructions: 1) Go to the site bestchange. Ru. 2) Choose the appropriate payment system with which you want to make an exchange for the desired currency Ethereum. 3) Choose the right service with the best rate. 4) Go to the site of the selected exchanger and follow the simple instructions. The exchange is usually automatic and takes place very quickly. 5) Make sure that your wallet Ethereum funds received. Note: When replenishing with bank cards, exchangers may request card verification for the first time. Typically, this is a photo card on the background of the exchange page. Subsequent replenishment is done instantly. If you don’t want to verify your card in the exchanger, you can first top up your QIWI or YandexMoney account from your bank card (via the interface of either of these two payment systems, and not through the exchanger), and then change from such a payment system through the exchanger to Ethereum wallet without card verification.